I woke up stupid early today and was thinking about a bunch of stuff so here goes a bit of an update/ramble. 

Tomorrow we embark on a three week tour of the East Coast & Midwest. We’ll be hitting some new places we’ve never been before (La Crosse, WI - Jackson, MS - etc) and playing some spots we’ve played more times than I can count (Nashville, TN - Detroit, MI - etc). We haven’t been on tour since Oct/Nov of last year so we are pretty excited to get back at it. If we aren’t playing IN your city, do us a favor and get some friends together and take a road trip. Drive a few hours and check out another towns scene and show us love in the process. On average we drive 3-8 hours a day to play shows and we can’t play in EVERY city, especially if we’ve played your town previously. We really do our best to show love to places we’ve never been and it helps out to see familiar faces in unfamiliar places.

This upcoming tour is a bit of a milestone for us as we will be playing our 1,000th show as a band. It’s crazy to think that we started this band in 2004 and have done so much in the last seven years and I feel like we are just getting started because there are still so many places that we haven’t gotten to play yet in America and all over the world. This upcoming tour is also going to be cool because we went back and relearned a bunch of old songs spanning our career to play on this tour and basically on any headline shows we are doing this year, so don’t be bummed out if you live too far from where this tour is hitting. 

Speaking of where this tour ISN’T hitting, I promise that we are always trying to plan new tours. We will literally be announcing a UK/Euro tour any day now and we are doing our best to finally get to Japan, South East Asia, South America, Hawaii, New Zealand Alaska, etc as well as trying to get back to Australia, Canada, and the West Coast. 

Like I said, we’ve been off since the end of last year so we’ve had a bunch of downtime. Rick has been working on some new riffs and while we don’t have a definite time frame set for recording nor do we know who is going to release the album, just know that we’ve begun working on the next TIH album. If I had to guess, I’d say we are going to do our best to tour a bunch until the year is over and then focus on recording in early 2013.  

I felt like I started rambling before I even began so I’m going to wrap this up by saying that we really appreciate everyone who has stuck with us over the last seven years. We also really appreciate those of you who have just discovered us. It’s a beautiful thing when you discover a band that is new to you regardless of how long they’ve been a band for. We have no interest in taking part in any competition or popularity contest, that’s not why we started doing this band. I hope that you all see through the bullshit and support the bands who deserve your love and expose the posers for what they are. 

For those of you new to this, we released an album in Oct of last year called ‘Black Mass’, check it out and check out all of our older albums. I hope to see you all out there!

This Is Hell 

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